My daily makeup regime- work 

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Hi all, 
I’ve been thinking that I’ve done a lot of posts about events and photography, but I want to bring something about beauty and fashion to the table too. I thought that I would start with my daily regime Monday to Friday to get things going! 

So I’m not really a morning person at all. I find it really difficult to wake my body up and raise myself into getting dressed. Once I’ve checked my emails and Instagram I manage to somehow get myself out of bed and to the bathroom, where I have my lovely box of beauty products to help set me up. 

I start by using a vitamin C skin reviver from the body shop. This citrus wonder will brighten up dull skin and the smell is zesty enough to wake your senses up at least! I apply very small dots to my cheek, nose, chin and forehead and rub it in circular motions using my hands. This makes my skin feel energised and smoothed, ready for primer! 
I use Laura Mercier’s tinted primer in Radiance with a brush and apply in strokes to my full face. This helps the foundation to stay on longer and it has a tinted glow so if I’m not using foundation this will suffice. 

My foundation is Nars. I have recently made the switch from Mac to Nars. It wasn’t because I didn’t like Mac, I still use their other products, but I found that the colour didn’t quite match my skin tone well enough. After taking a trip to selfridges in August, I had the Nars counter match me to light 2 and I am much happier with the colour now. It looks more natural which is the look I love. 

I apply the foundation with a Mac brush first to the full face, I dab it on, and blend in with a sponge. I get my sponges from poundland or cheapy stores, as they are £1 for 30 disposable sponges- that’s a whole month! 

After this, I use the Nars vanilla concealer under my eyes and to any dark areas. I also use to highlight my nose and blend again with the sponge 

I’m not big on contouring, but I do like a bit on definition on my cheekbones. I apply a Mac cream blush shade bamboo to my cheeks with a Mac brush. 

For lips, I love using just lip liner and gloss. At the moment I’m loving my Nars liner in Morocco and my gloss of choice is a French brand I got in my July glossybox called Délicieuse

Eyes- urban decay 3 palette! 

I apply the lightest shade to my lids, then just choose a random colour each day to go round my brow bone with. Some days it’s bright, some days dark, but all still natural and neutral perfection.   


I use a benefit brow kit in dark to shape my brows and lengthen them at the ends. To finish off, I simply add some Mac powder to my nose and cheeks to help set the makeup, and I find that it doesn’t need any touching up throughout the day. 


I’d love to hear what you think, if you use similar products or are looking to switch your regime up. Comment below! 

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