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Just opened up a Bloglovin account!

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Tonight I will be posting about my daily makeup regime, and also this week will be focusing on getting my thoughts down about the Bloggers Love event I attended!

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Travel guide to Dubai

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I’m not sure how a country can be so relaxing yet be so vibrant and exciting at the same time. But somehow Dubai did it. 

This was a great holiday from start to finish, and let me tell you it was a great start to be flying business class for the first time! We were on the friends and family list due to our gracious host in Dubai being a pilot for Emirates. When we got to Gatwick we were directed to premium check- in and security (which I never knew existed), and words cannot describe the flight. I hardly noticed the 6 and a half hour journey out as I spent most of it ‘knocked out!’ – I blame the mattress and horizontal bed experience. Having a personal minibar helped too 🙂 

So… The holiday

Much like most of my holidays, I think I spent the month running up to it in full pack-attack mode. I created a holiday inspiration Pinterest board which you can find here: ( I had a lot of fun putting together outfits that were both concealing enough for Arabic culture, yet free flowing and airy enough that I wouldn’t combust or melt in the 40 degree heat. 

2 malls I recommend are the Emirates Mall (where you can go skiing in their indoor slopes!) and the Dubai Mall. Both have every shop imaginable and the food courts are fulfilling in every way- take a visit to P F Changs at the Emirates Mall and elevation burger in the Dubai Mall. 

Last time I visited Dubai I did the Atlantis water park, this time I ventured to Wild Wadi. Although this is smaller it is a lot less crowded. I think there were about 80 people in the whole park when it opened at 10, and only started to get busy when we left at 2. This was quite a memorable day as while watching a well built man doing the wave machine I suddenly realised that it was in fact Jensen Ackles from Supernatural… in swimming trunks and nothing else…so a hot day! Side note- check out my awesome monogrammed bikini from H&M! They were doing it for free in Oxford Circus so I had to get it! 

 We were lucky enough to visit the Cayan Tower on our travels round the city- picture below. This building twists one degree for every floor, so by the time you are on the 90th floor and look down you are facing a different side! We went to take a peak off one of our friends balconies and the view of the marina was just stunning.

Dragonmart was the last activity of the trip. It’s a market that is shaped like a dragon, the rooftop tiles are scale-like and it goes on for miles. Go visit the Dragonmart ( for anything and everything- literally! Clothes, gadgets, electric goods and the kitchen sink! 

Like all good holidays, they come to a close just as soon as they begin, but I have some great memories of Dubai this year and hopefully some great photos too that will keep me going till my next venture 🙂 


Cosmo’s Lingerie Show 2015

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This Wednesday I went to the Cosmo Lingerie Show for 2015. After going to last year’s Cosmo Fashfest, I really wanted to do another one. It’s such a great evening to do with girlfriends you get a bunch of free goodies, free drinks and an evening’s entertainment, what’s not to love?!


This time, the event was held at the Bloomsbury Ballroom near Holborn. We arrived a bit early so we decided to go to a bar on the corner of Bloomsbury Square and wait till the doors opened. When it was time to go, I changed my Melissa flats for Melissa heels and we walked to the venue just in time. Inside we were greeted by a grand looking marble hall, and the queue disappeared down a marble staircase rose petals were scattered on the floor, such a great effect!

We left our coats and made our way down some more stairs where the venue awaited us. I had bought my outfit the weekend before at Westfield Stratford City- I decided to get a co-ord set from House of Celeb Boutique in khaki with gold detail and pair it with an orange tailored blazer (also Celeb Boutique). I fell in love at first sight with this set and you can’t go wrong with CB- their stretchy and strong material is Herve inspired and will mould to fit your shapes and curves to make you look fabulous.


We took a look at all that was on show: had a rack of colourful delicates, as did Wonderbra, Freya, Bluebella and Coco de Mer. There were many competitions to enter and lingerie to feel and was a fantastic way to get everyone thinking about what they wear underneath their layers!

The show started off with a few songs from X Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson, and we had an inspirational talk from Kris, the founder of Coppafeel about breast cancer awareness. Rumour has it that Anne Summers will be next on board to support the fabulous charity!

I’ve selected a few of my favourite looks from the catwalk, plus what was in our goodie bags! The models were excellent, and represented a range of shapes and sizes so you could see the pieces from different perspectives. My fav thing from the goodie bag was the bourjois 3D effect lipgloss. This was super and stayed on all day valentine’s day! I have yet to try out the lingerie we received from Wonderbra and Freya- though I’m sure they will not disappoint!

I cannot recommend Cosmo’s events highly enough, if you want to check out more from the night, Cosmopolitan also have a write up here

The next one coming up is a Bailey’s girls’ night out and pamper session, and I shall definitely be there! You can get tickets and more info here!


Alexander Wang for H&M launch!

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So tonight was the launch of the new Alexander Wang collection for H&M. The event was crazy and amazing!
Fashion addicts everywhere swiping whatever they could get their hands on and staff not being able to restock shelves quick enough. After I found my essential pieces I made it out alive after downing half a glass of prosecco given to me by a waiter with a tray full. So I can’t wait to try my new pieces out at my next photoshoot and feeling very privileged to have them before anyone else! IMG_9613.JPG